Free Inspection

On a multi-family property, even relatively small roofing damage can translate into huge costs and major liability for your business. Traditional inspections can be slow for roofs of this size—and worse yet, they often fail to identify existing damage as well as potential vulnerabilities. As a result, you may undertake multi-family roof repairs based on an incomplete assessment, ending up thousands of dollars behind yet no better off.

Legacy Restoration does things differently!

Using the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive roof damage assessments that will protect you from unexpected repairs and other multi-family roofing disasters. Simply put, we use drones to do things faster, better, and more reliably.

Cutting-Edge Drone Inspections and Monitoring

At Legacy Restoration, we understand that you need accurate, detailed information in order to make critical property management decisions. That’s exactly why our multi-family roofing company never settles for the industry standard! Our drone-based technology allows for unmatched benefits to your business:

  • Lightning-Fast Roof Inspections Based on Satellite Location
  • Detailed Documentation of Roof Damage—Identified Manually by Our Experienced Roofers with Additional Help from AI Technology!
  • 5% Accurate Building Measurements
  • Convenient Cloud-Based Reports with Notated Photos and Explanations
  • Clear Recommendations for Roof Maintenance, Repair, or Replacement

Our drones will give you the actionable information you require—not only after a severe storm but at every stage of your property’s lifecycle. Through the Legacy Assurance Program, we offer detailed reports and 24/7 monitoring to help you identify early risks, develop ongoing maintenance plans, and implement practical strategies for roofing integrity.

The bottom line? We’ll make sure that you’re never surprised by unexpected exterior repairs and their many disruptive costs.

What to Expect from Our Multi-Family Roof Contractors

Based on your drone findings, we’ll make recommendations for roofing services as necessary. You can rest assured that we aren’t trying to sell you anything; all the evidence will be right there for you to see in your detailed drone report. If you do decide to move forward with our multi-family replacement roofs, you’ll enjoy the many amenities for which we’re known:

  • 100+ Years of Combined Experience in Replacement Roofing
  • Qualified Experts in Multi-Family Building Codes and Standards
  • HAAG-Certified Inspectors, OSHA-Certified Roofers, and On-Site Job Supervisors
  • Knowledgeable Insurance Support, Including the Same Storm Damage Reporting Tools Used by Major Insurance Carriers
  • Legacy Restoration’s Lifetime Labor Warranty

Protect Your Budget by Putting Your Multi-Family Roofing in Expert Hands

Make sure that your multi-family roof remains in a safe, healthy, code-compliant condition by trusting it to Legacy Restoration and our advanced drone technology. Instead of waiting until you need replacement roofs, we’ll take proactive steps to monitor and safeguard your property. Call us or complete our quick online form to learn more!