The windows in your home afford you opportunities like soaking in the view of freshly fallen snow without having to brave the elements or the ability to close out the light to get a good night’s rest. These protective connections to the outside world can also be one of the most vulnerable parts of your homes’ structure.


Hail, wind, and significant changes in temperature can stress the glass, casings, and frames of your windows – causing damage of all shapes and sizes. At times, this damage can be easy to spot and will include large cracks in window panes or holes in the trim. However, most window components require a finite evaluation by a trained professional to help distinguish possible dents and other small damage that can lead to larger issues in the future – including energy inefficiency.


Legacy Restoration’s storm damage experts practice detection of hail and wind damage of all window types – including skylights. They are able to determine the cause of damage and whether it warrants a small repair or full window replacement. Our team knows the importance of restoring your home to pre-storm conditions and the long-term impact that damaged windows can have to your home. Legacy takes great pride in offering a Lifetime Labor Warranty on all work we do – including windows.

I was very happy with the speed in which the project was completed.

Tim S. New Brighton, MN

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