Hail Can Cause Major Damage To Your Property

If your property is hit by a hail storm, it’s to your benefit to call in a contractor to inspect the damage before you call your insurance company!

Some pieces of hail can be the size of a golf ball, so just imagine the damage your house will receive if it was sitting in front of a driving range for a few minutes. The damage to your roof will be very significant.  If your roof then begins to leak, this can effect your household’s interior.

The next crucial step you can take is to call Legacy Restoration, your local and experienced roofing experts throughout Minnesota.  We will thoroughly inspect the entire roof for any sign of damage and will advise, with no charge, the best solution for your roof. Our roofing experts know that hail damage effects different types of roofing materials in a multitude of ways. Some shingles can be blow right off from the high winds after the storm, which can be a quick fix.  However some hail storms can cause large damage to a roof and will merit a roof replacement.

Legacy Restoration will identify all roofing and shingle damage after the FREE inspection. Not only will we look at the roof, but also the skylights, gutters, and vent hoods.  We will work with your insurance company to find a solution to any immediate repairs.